Searching For Gateway Controller - Update

A few months ago I described a mothod to fix the Searching for Gateway Controller bug in Apple's AST Service Tools.

Apparently they changed a few things in the latest version when running on 10.9.4 or later, and the deleted the aformentioned /LIbrary/Preferences/ file, so the described fix doesn't work anymore.

Luckily they made solving the issue even easier, and removed the dependency on the original IP the server was configured with. Sadly, they introduced a new bug where the Gateway Manager can't find it's backend services anymore when the primary network interface gets a new identifier. E.g. your Mac reboots and the ethernetinterface changes from en0 to en1.

Fixing the issue

  • Make sure your hostname resolves to an IP that's defined in your primary ehternet interface
  • Go to System Information and write down the BSD Device Name, commenly known as en0 or any other number for that interface.
  • Go to /Library/Preferences/ and open the file in a texteditor, preferably something like BBEdit that doesn't change the file's stucture while editing.
  • Search for the line NetworkInterface and change the corresponding interface en0 to the one you found.
  • Reboot the Mac
<plist version="1.0">


This hack worked for me in my setup, I'm not responsible for issues that occur when this hack does or does not work on your server.


However, Matt and Myke missed each other too much. So they're back!
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Best news of the day.

Today View Extensions

Apple is causing quite a bit of controversy these last weeks with the way they're handling App Store rejections and how are changing what apps are permitted in the store after they're already been allowed in the App Store.

A month ago they removed Launcher from the App Store because it launched other apps from within the Today View.
Now, today, they've asked developer James Thomson to change or remove the PCalc extension, because calculations aren't permitted in the Today View. Input is allowed, but only the main app can calculate the result.

I can see why Apple is doing this. They clearly see the (iOS) Today View as an area to display data. Appointments, tasks, weather, status reports,... Extensions that launch apps or perform actions clearly don't follow in this concept, so they aren't allowed. Why they allowed these other kinds of extensions in the first place is weird. Either there wasn't a clear policy in place when iOS 8 was launched, or they decided to implement it after the fact. I don't know.

But if they don't want this, Apple should've clearly defined these guidelines from the get go instead of altering the deal after these kind of apps and extensions have already past the App Store review process. It's bad for developers, and it's confusing to users.
And now that they block these kind of extensions within the Today View, they should give these kind of extensions another place in the system to exist. The Control Center for example would be a perfect place.

Users clearly want these kind of extensions, and they want them available system wide, so I hope Apple allows them somehow. If not in the Today View, then somewhere else.

Tim Cook at WSJD Live

"In the long arc of time you're only relevant as a merchant if your customers love you," Cook says. Great summation of Apple's past decade of success, really. - Source

"If you design something where the key is under the mat, the bad guy can get that too." - Source

Tim Cook: iPod Classic was discontinued because they couldn't get the parts. And not worth designing a whole new one. - Source

Seems like a good interview. Cook's really focussing on honesty, transparancy and customer rights here, and it's a good thing.

I do wonder why they keep dancing around tv this much. Either they have a great idea and something blocks them from bringing it to fruition, or they're bluffing.