Apple Grade Manufacturing

At least once a week, I have a conversation with a founder that wants to design something that mimics an Apple product. Maybe it’s a surface with no ejector pin marks, or some complex texturing, or laser drilled holes, it doesn’t really matter: it’s impossible for a startup to do certain things. “But no,” they say, “Apple does it. Why can’t I?” - Bolt

One of those interesting articles about a topic that never crosses my mind.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen

As you probably know by now, the iPhone 6 Plus renders things differently than every other iOS device to date. (...), I wanted to better understand the impact of the downsampling. Can I construct a pathological case that makes the effect clearly visible to the naked eye? Is there a way to work around it in my code? - Ole Begemann

Pity I don't have an iPhone 6+ to test his demo apps.