Hello, I'm Thomas.

I'm a System Administrator for an Apple Premium Reseller in Belgium. My day job consists mostly out of either putting out small fires, often with the trusted Have you tried turning it off and on again-technique, or doing maintenance on one of our servers.   
I managed to turn my hobby into my job, so I'm currently focussing on coffee and sci-fi in my freetime.  

Some of the stuff you'll find on my blog is crossposted on The Mobile Life, a side-project I started with a good friend of mine, Kris Van de Sande.


This website is an online scrapbook of things that interest me. I use the site as a platform to "quote, link and embed" link about Apple, Tech and Popculture that inspire, irritate or surprise me, with a little commentary on the why.

Since I work with Macs and iPads on daily basis as a job, when I find issues or tricks that aren't really documented anywhere else on the web, I try to write them down to, in the hope that someone else will use these tricks, and maybe expand on them. 

For readers, this site is 80% link-blog, 20% original content. But for me it's 20% personal thoughts, 80% this-is-noteworthy. I don't want to use these links to get traffic or generate views, but I use them to refer my readers to people that are worth looking at in my opinion.  


This site is written on an iPad using Drafts and Markdown as my main writing tools.
The content is curated though FeedWrangler and Pocket.
The website is hosted and designed on Squarespace.