This blog is written by Thomas Verschoren.
Although I studied Architecture, my current focus resides with Apple and iOS in particular. 

From 5 to 9, I live in Antwerp, I drink coffee, and watch a lot of movies.  
From 9 to 5, I work for an Apple Premium Reseller in Belgium where I'm the System Administrator and responsible for its servers, network and internal development and I provide daily support for its shops spread across Belgium.
Aside from OS X server and networking, I really love working with iPads and MDM solutions.


This website is an online scrapbook of things that interest me. I use the site as a platform to "quote, link and embed" link about Apple, Tech and Popculture that inspire, irritate or surprise me, with a little commentary on the why.

Since I work with Macs and iPads on daily basis as a job, when I find issues or tricks that aren't really documented anywhere else on the web, I try to write them down to, in the hope that someone else will use these tricks, and maybe expand on them. 

For readers, this site is 80% link-blog, 20% original content. But for me it's 20% personal thoughts, 80% this-is-noteworthy. I don't want to use these links to get traffic or generate views, but I use them to refer my readers to people that are worth looking at in my opinion.  

For a clear distinction between original and linked content, the linked content will be formatted as Linked: Title of the Link Article, with the title linking to the original article. When I quote part of an article, I'll always clearly mention the name of the original author, properly linked to the respective article.


This site is written on an iPad and a MacBook Pro using Editorial and MarkDown as my main writing tools.
The content is curated though FeedWrangler and Pocket.
The website is hosted and designed on Squarespace.