Writing a Poem

(If writing a Mac app is like writing a novel, and writing an iOS app is like writing a short story, then writing an API server is like writing a poem. It has to be compact, and every line has to have a reason to be there and has to do its job perfectly. In an iOS app you can slightly screw up an animation somewhere and just fix it later. On the server nothing can be slightly screwed up. - Brent Simmons

Loom, Dropbox and Hazel

We have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you. Loom is now officially part of Dropbox, and we couldn’t be happier to join forces! - Loom

Loom is bought by Dropbox, and allows users to migrate all their data to Dropbox, giving subscribed users a free year of Dropbox storage equal to the amount of space they had on Loom.

Although I recently moved all my photos to the much cheaper Google Drive, the option of getting 50GB of Dropbox space for free for a year was an offer I couldn't refuse.
Only downside: My Mac that already contains all my photos in Google Drive/Photos but is currently downloading a copy of Loom's data to Dropbox/Loom. Same data, stored twice.

Since my harddrive doesn't have enough space to store all these files, I've been busy all morning deleting every donwnloaded photo. And since Loom is migrating my data I can't go to Dropbox and just delete the Loom folder.

Enter Hazel. Three quick rules, and every downloaded Loom photo is deleted, freeing up space, but keeping my extra 50GB of space.

The rules

  • If it's a folder, run rule on its contents
  • If it's a photo, delete
  • If the Trash folder gets larger than 1 GB, purge.

update 5 minutes later...

And just as I pressed submit, I realized I can jsut as easily exclude the Loom folder from Dropbox via the Selective Sync option.


The first successful implementation of a radical idea is usually and correctly lauded as the innovator. The second is derided as an imitator. But by the time you get to the third and fourth, the idea becomes a category. - John Gruber


Microsoft showed of Cortana today, its answer to Apple's Siri.

They improved on Siri in two big ways:


The ability to enter information manually for Cortana to use. Like favorite locations, relations, and other general information. So when repeating my asking for a favorite X, Cortana knows what to answer. But where Siri knows is and only tells you that information, here you can visually check what information Cortana uses to answer your questions.

An assistant should handle everything.

Microsoft took all the OS's new features and put them under Cortana's brand. So where Apple has Do Not Disturb as a feature, for Microsoft it's Cortana that manages when to notify you, or who's allowed to call you.
The end result is the same. But Microsoft turned a feature in the settings menu into a quality and something's that's handled by a 'person'. They gave our digital assistant one more task to manage. They turned something complex into something that my mother can understand.

I really like what they showed today. And hopefully, pressure from both Google Now and Cortana will force Apple to keep on improving Siri.


These last couple of days I left home with one thought on top of my mind: is my iPhone's battery charged, and does it hold a big enough charge to make it through the day? Or should I take my battery pack with me? And did I charge that one?

I never had any real trouble with my phone's battery life. It never lasted longer than a day, and charging it halfway through the day and at night were habits. But it wasn't something that worried me. I knew that, if I charged my iPhone at night then it would certainly last until late in the afternoon.

Something changed going from iOS 7.0.4 to 7.1. And it drastically changed battery life.

Worrying about taking an umbrella. Or worrying about a red traffic light that will probably make me miss my bus should be things I think about when leaving my house.
But my iPhone's battery? No. That should just work.

So Apple: for the iPhone 6: don't make it thinner. Make it a little bigger. And give me a battery that lasts me through the day without any doubt.