Why Old?

This page contains my old Tumblr blog before I moved to Squarespace.

I used to have a WordPress website and a Tumblr log and I hoped to merge them when importing them throughout Squarespace's import utility.

Sadly enough, that's not (yet) possible, so until then, this will stay up.

Fun Apps

Daring Fireball and MacStories this week showed off two very handy utilities:


An app that bundles all the MenuBar Items that fill up that space into a dropdown menu. It cleans up your Menu and, especially on smaller displays like on the MacBook Air this is great!. The app costs 7,50$ and a free trial is available


Dragging and dropping is a great way to get stuff done on your Mac, but DragonDrop makes it even better. DragonDrop lets you set down what you're dragging, leaving you free to find your destination without worrying about keeping the mouse button held down.

App Updates

It's been a pretty busy week for app-updates. After Mondays Instacast update, Evernote, Instapaper and Apple released updates for their flagshop products.

An overview:

Evernote - iOS

  • The app is iOS 5 only from this moment on
  • Rich Text Editing has been imporved, with quick style buttons in a new keyboard
  • The top menubar contains Attachmentbuttons to quickly add pictures, movies or audioclips.
  • Photostream images can be selected
  • Audiorecordings are improved 


Evernote - iOS

  • New Card View, just like on the iPad
  • Date and Time Stamp shortcuts:
    • For date: Press CMD+Shift+D
    • For time: Press CMD+Shift+Option+D 



  • Page Turn animation
  • Sepia Mode
  • Fast Pagination 


Adobe Create Cloud

Adobe today released their New CS6 Creative Suite.
I try to download and buy software on a two-version year cycle, so Aperture 1 and then 3, or in this Case I bought CS4 as a student, and I've been holding off buying CS5 for quite a while now.

The reason? Well, the features are great and made me download the beta's for my finals (content aware fill is a life saver when making photocollages), but the price is pretty steep for someone in their early twenties.
Paying up to 2500euros at once is not really feasable.

But with Adobes new Create Cloud Offering, the whole CS6 became really affordable. For 30euro/month I not only enjoy the entire Master Collection + adob's new cloud offerings, but also have the latest version like, always, and never nee dto worry about hacks, illegal serials or software that crashes before a deadline withourt any support.

I really like this kind of subscription based software. You pay when you use it, enjoy the software always up to date and instead of paying the full amount at once, you can spread the costs.

Autodesk does this for AutoCAD, and now adobe follows that line. Me like!

More Info: Adobe , NAPP

Or, as in a picture says more than a thousand words:

Instacast 2.0

Instacast today released their version 2.0.
It's a nice update of the already great app.

It doesn't provide really new features, but it's a major overhaul of the app engine, structure and layout.

New features:

  •  Improved playback controls
  • Playlists
  • Episode Links
  • Instacast Pro (push notifications, smart playlist,..) @ 1,29euro

A great update for an already great app.



Original Lego Patent

The LEGO company started in 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, almost went bankrupt. During a depression, he had lost so much carpentry business that he started making wooden toys and selling them from his workshop. Two years later, he named his company LEGO.


Forgetting Football

In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt called an emergency summit at the White House, alarmed, as the historian John Sayle Watterson writes, “that the brutality of the prize ring had invaded college football and might end up destroying it.”


Dropquest II : The Future is Now


Dropbox yesterday announced it's new DropQuest: a fun online series of challenges earning you free space on your Dropbox Account.

It starts May 12th and prices include:


1st place (1) Dropbox employee hoodie, LIMITED EDITION Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt, Dropbox drawing signed by the entire Dropbox team, invitation to help write the next Dropquest, 100 GB for life!
2nd place (10) Dropbox employee hoodie, Dropbox t-shirt, 20 GB for life!
3rd place (15) Dropbox t-shirt, 5 GB for life!
4th place (50) 2 GB for life!
5th place (100) 1 GB for life!


Wireless Transfer Concept

Our devices are well connected virtually, through services like DropBox or iCloud. Those offer wireless synchronization for data, but the devices that contain this data still miss a tangible connection. I thought that a representation of a physical connection would facilitate a more intuitive interaction based on traditional mental models from the physical world.” - Ishac Bertran

Spotify For iPad

Spotify today released it's lang-awaited Spotify for iPad application.
The app, a free update of the original requires a premium account to work, and is fully retina-optimised.

Just as the previous iPhone only version, the application is playslist based.
It provides a very clean list view of all your music lists, navigation is page based, similar to the Facebook or Twitter applications.

Aside from this swiping-navigation interface, there's also a very nice fullscreen view which focuses on the currently playling app with easy useable controlbuttons.

A nice update and a must have if you're currently using Spotify and have an iPad.

Little extra tip:

Long pressing a song brings up a services menu: