Back to Belgium

After hearing Dan and Merlin butcher my country on Back to Work 129, here’s a little explanation on where to find Belgium.

In the northwest corner of Europe there are a couple if neighboring countries surrounding the country of Belgium.

  • At its east-side is Germany, where people they speak German, locally known as Deutsch.
  • France, in the south, speaking French.
  • In the North: The Netherlands, where they speak Dutch. Similar to German, but a different language nevertheless.

In the middle of these three you’ll find Belgium. A small country with Brussels as its capital, and Antwerp and Ghent as two of its major cities. The country is divided in two equal parts: Flanders, where we speak Dutch, and Wallonie, where people speak French.

I can expand on it and start talking about our ten provinces, six governments and three queens, but since the first part was already quite complex, let’s leave it at that.

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