Say no to classic IT


Usually you get an IT Consultant to install your server, configure your email and setup your helpdesk system. You pay them a lot for things that actually aren't that difficult to manage yourself.

At home you configure your own email. You connect your iCloud account and sync your photos and documents via Gmail or Dropbox. And most of the companies that offer consumer solutions have now tweaked those tools for business. 

So why not do the same at your office? Most of these services can be setup in less than an hour. All it takes is advice which services to buy, an overview of what's required and links to some good installation guides.

And best of all? Most of these services offer trials. So if you don't like it? No harm done. 

So what are you waiting for. Grab a coffee and dive in and get your company's email, data and helpdesk into the cloud.

What if I'm stuck?

The tools we show you on this site are owned and managed by some of the best tech companies in the world. They offer free support and great guides. And if you're really stuck: find a nephew or friend that's technically inclined. Most of these things are not that different from your garden variety Google or iCloud setups.