The iPad Pro has Apple's biggest touch screen yet. It makes working on the iPad easier and more engaging and thanks to the multitasking features introduced in iOS 9 it makes complex workflows a lot faster.

But for some content the screen can be to big. It's big size may be perfect for watching movies or doing office work, but for reading a longform article or a good book it can be either to wide or tall.

Introducing: Margins

Margins is a small utility that uses the iOS Splitscreen features to create a blank space next to another app.

It reduces the other app's size, making the reading experience more intimate and better attuned to the content. And because it's just a space of nothingness, you can focus on the other app, without any distractions.

Margins has a white and a black mode, so it works in any context.


  • The app is made for the iPad Split View feature introduced in iOS 9
  • It has a white/day mode and a black/night mode
  • Mode can easily be toggled by tapping the screen or pressing the button
  • It's a distraction-free app, so it has no UI or features.